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Ensimmäiset UAP-kuulemiset USA:n kongressissa ensi viikolla

The New Yor Times kertoo että ensimmäiset julkiset UAP-kuulemiset 50 vuoteen järjestetään alkaen ensi viikolla USA:n kongressissa.

Jyrki Karttunen
17.05.2022 23:36:34

Ensimmäiset UAP-kuulemiset USA:n kongressissa ensi viikolla

Key lawmaker warns at UFO hearing: 'Unidentified aerial phenomena are a potential national security threat'


He went on to say, "For too long, the stigma associated with UAPs has gotten in the way of good intelligence analysis. Pilots avoided reporting, or were laughed at when they did. DOD officials relegated the issue to the back room, or swept it under the rug entirely, fearful of a skeptical national security community."
"Today, we know better. UAPs are unexplained, it's true. But they are real. They need to be investigated. And any threats they pose need to be mitigated," he said.
The hearing featured testimony from top government officials and the display of images and video of unidentified aerial phenomena. The public portion of the event lasted fewer than 90 minutes. Following the conclusion of the public hearing, the panel will hold a closed-door, classified briefing Tuesday afternoon.
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Ensimmäiset UAP-kuulemiset USA:n kongressissa ensi viikolla

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