22.03.2023 09:26:49

Pentagon ja Oumuamua

Pentagonista kuuluu uutta,liittyen mm.Oumuamuaan:
22.03.2023 15:50:33

Pentagon ja Oumuamua

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IOOO others
Mothership??? ? Please use more inclusive language like BirthingPersonShip. Thanks for triggering me. This article is exactly what microaggression looks like. I'm so mad now that I don't even remember what gender I am.

Yay Yay
LOL! You're a victim of our capitalistic colonizing oppressive culture. Society owes it to you to forgive your $250k student loan. In fact, you're owed a forgivable loan of an additional $300k to complete your Phd. in gender studies.

Purple Ascot
I hope the probes that the aliens are releasing find out why America gave more than $100 billion to Zelensky.

Tom Jones
America gave $100 billion to Zelenskyy to help him fight a proxy war with Russia so that American kids wouldn’t have to die in Europe yet again. There, mystery solved.

B strong
Why worry we voted the corruption out a little over 2 years ago. No need to worry we got JOE now. Let's go JOE 2024!!!!

William B
Oh.........That's why the world is in such a great place. I was wondering.
I'm hoping extraterrestrials have the ability to prevent a nuclear holocaust. They'd instantly replace dogs as man's best friend.

We have much bigger problems than UFO's. Pentagon officials said in a draft document last week that aliens could be visiting our solar system and releasing smaller probes like missions conducted by NASA when studying other planets.
I am way more concerned with the ILLEGAL aliens that the ones from Ou...

The idea of a mothership sending out probes is ludicrous. If a species is intelligent enough to get here from light years away, they'd probably know all they need to know about this planet.

London Ayeurbe
Whatever. The American public still want answers for the feds' involvement in the detestable silencing of Americans on social media.

JaQuan Nuby
As an independent voter, this all about control of the masses.
Lies, misinformation, disinformation, half truths, all used to control the narrative.
Should we all unite, it would totally take the 1% down to their knees.


Päivän jatkoja covidin, ilmastonmuutoksen, gender narratiivin, pentagonin ufojen ja erikoissotilaallisten operaatioiden merkeissä.
Jimmy Ringo
16.04.2023 01:08:09

Pentagon ja Oumuamua

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